Feb 26, 2010

Crass Promotions: Editorial Perp Walk

I cannot resist posting this screenshot from the J Crew page, head slightly bowed, having worked with half of them and having regarded the magazine as a possible future model for print after the Internet. I like J Crew, a couple of them are decent fellows. I'm not against cross-promotions. The magazine industry has to majorly rethink the way it does business in the context of media dollars being sucked up by broadband, cable, satellite TV, and cellphone subscriptions. But ever since Monocle laughably named Zurich the most livable city and neglected to even put New York in the top 25, I've had serious doubts about its taste and good sense, which has gradually resolved itself into basic questions of editorial integrity. That's not even mentioning its total disregard for journalistic standards and practices. -STEPHEN ZACKS

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