Sep 14, 2011

Proposed Action: Cut Down the Fence at Bushwick Inlet

According to the public trust doctrine, the state holds public trust lands for the benefit of all of the people. The public has a right to fully enjoy them. Public trust lands include all land up to and beneath the high water mark in tidal waters.

"When the tide is in, he may use the water covering the foreshore for boating, bathing, fishing, and other lawful purposes; and when the tide is out, he may pass and repass over the foreshore as a means of access to reach the water for the same purposes and to lounge and recline thereon."

In Greenpoint and throughout New York City, this land had been previously sold to shippers, manufacturers, and industrial producers on the principle that it provided a public benefit: jobs, production of commodities, and the provision of essential goods and services. Now that these uses are no longer in effect, the land is disused and closed off from the public. The property is no longer serving its intended public benefit, and the ownership rights have been transferred to other entities. This property must immediately revert back to public use. (Sign and mail in a letter regarding Noble Street closure.)

Provide Immediate Pathway to East River at Bushwick Inlet ***

The citizens of Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Bushwick, Maspeth and adjacent areas have a right to remove the fences blocking public access to the tidal waters of the East River. We invite the citizens of Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Maspeth to immediately cut down the fences blocking Bushwick Inlet at Franklin Street from Meserole Avenue to North 14th Street.

Allocate Funds for Purchase of Bushwick Inlet South of Monitor Museum

The City of New York is in the process of gradually purchasing waterfront property (sign the petition here) from East River Park at North 9th Street northward to Bushwick Inlet: we demand that the city immediately allocate funds for the purchase of the land on the Bushwick Inlet itself not already owned by the nonprofit Greenpoint Monitor Museum.

Remove Threat of Eminent Domain

We demand that the city immediately provide a letter of assurance that it is not now and will not in the future seek to use the power of eminent domain to take property from the Monitor Museum corporation.

Revise Conceptual Plan for Bushwick Inlet Park

We demand that the city immediately remove the Monitor Museum property from its conceptual plan for Bushwick Inlet Park in order for the site to be independently developed by the Greenpoint Monitor Museum with support from the community. The threat of future taking of the site is impeding public access in our community.

Revise Development Plan for Bushwick Inlet Park

We demand that the city immediately revise its plan for the purchase and development of Bushwick Inlet Park to provide immediate public access to the East River at Bushwick Inlet to the underserved communities of Maspeth, northern Bushwick and Southeastern Greenpoint.


  1. Here Here!

    Last I checked the fence was intact.
    Would be a nice rowing spot. Bird watching etc.

  2. Totally agree, and looking forward to some positive changes.