Nov 29, 2011

The Blue Light at Storefront

At Storefront for Art and Architecture right now, there's a really special light and performance installation reminiscent of Fluxus artist LaMonte Young and Marian Zazeela's Dream House, the light and sound installation on Church Street established 18 years ago with help from the Dia Foundation. See a video of the performance here.

The installation uses an absorbing blue fluorescent light, sound, dance, and performance to literally play with the building. The dancers interact with the interior columns and the swinging walls to make it consciously present for the audience and passersby. The permeable facade was asking to be used like this some day.

As director of Storefront, Eva Franch is hosting some of the most visually exciting exhibitions ever seen in the space. She brings the same flair and willingness to take risks that she brings to the everyday with her self-consciously over-the-top style and self-presentation.

There are some questions that could be raised about the discourse in another place. I somewhat refuse to figure out what is meant by "pharmacophore," for instance.

During the performance, you see people on the sidewalk peering in with curiosity and interest. If I saw this event without knowing the people or the place I would be intrigued and entranced, but I'm not sure I would have the sense of entitlement to stay. I might assume, which is commonly true when happening onto random Soho fashion events, that it was an exclusive private party. That has become increasingly likely, for better or worse, in this weird in-between area where Kenmare feeds traffic onto the Williamsburg Bridge.

This is free and open to the public. Go see it. A lot of fun.