Mar 15, 2012

The Genesee Towers Light Cloud Project

The Flint Public Art Project team David Cook, Thaddeus Pawlowski, and Raphaele Shirley have developed a proposal for the temporary reinvention of the Genesee Towers, a condemned 19-story building in Flint, as a misting public light-art sculpture.

They conceived the project to take advantage of the building’s visibility as a landmark in the downtown area, inexpensively repurposing the structure as a highlight of the downtown skyline.

By installing water tubes and illuminating the mist with LED lights, the team proposes to transform the building into a magical cloud-like sculpture crowned by a halo of light.

The team is beginning a technologically-enhanced version of the proposal to submit to the Creators Project.

The FPAP team also submitted a proposal for the Venice Architecture Biennial.

Their proposal, based on the theme of Spontaneous Interventions, installs a floating classic Chevy in the canal adjacent to the American Pavilion and uses live and curated video projections, performances by Flint-based artists in Venice, and sculptural replicas of buildings to exchange information between both spaces and explore contemporary adaptations of urban conditions.

The curators have issued an ongoing open call for proposals.

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